Shipping Made Simple

SLS offers OGRE, the most intuitive, simplistic, and efficient shipping technology on the market. OGRE offers our customers all the helpful online features the supply chain industry has to offer, and does so in the most user-friendly format available in the IT market.

Our process is simple ...

Step 1 - Login
Step 1: Login
Step 2 - Create Shipment
Step 2: Create a Shipment
Step 3 - Choose Carrier
Step 3: Choose a Carrier
Step 4 - Quote Requested
Step 4: Book Your Shipment
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Our Services

Our services run deep and are backed by over ten years of experience.
Internet-based Technology

Our web-based software makes the shipping process easy and accessible from anywhere.

Instant Freight Pricing

We provide instant freight pricing from one source with no phone calls.

Multiple Carrier Options

Immediate rating and routing of multiple carriers with all information available at one time including:

  • Carrier cost
  • Transit days
  • Carrier reviews
  • Carrier insurance per pound
All Types of Motor Freight

We process all modes of motor freight:

  • Inbound
  • Outbound
  • Third party

Additional Features

  • Ability to bill for freight at time of shipment with guaranteed pricing known at time of shipment (weight and class must be accurate)
  • Ability to add cost and handling charges to make outgoing freight a profit center
  • Custom database of addresses and commodities for simple point and click usage. NMFC number assigned for all commodities
  • System automatically produces bill of lading and shipping labels
    • Standard ISO 9000 bill of lading
    • Support VICS bill of lading
  • Provides database of all shipments for future reference
  • One consolidated invoice every week for all freight shipments

Other Savings

SLS services affect multiple departments throughout your organization. Although we typically can reduce your overall transportation costs while improving service levels, various cost and administrative savings are also evident across many departments including:

CEO, President, CFO, COO or Controller
  • Improved bottom-line profit through substantially lower transportation costs
  • Improved competitive position
  • Increased productivity and profitability
Accounting Department
  • Receive one consolidated weekly invoice instead of multiple carrier invoices
  • No more auditing and telephone work to correct billing errors
  • Up to the minute reports for forecasting and trend analysis
  • Reduced administrative costs
Traffic Management
  • Instant access to freight pricing from one source with no phone calls
  • More time to focus on traffic responsibilities and customer service
  • Lane based rating with multiple carriers
  • Ability to print out bills of lading
Purchasing Department
  • Help control freight costs on all inbound freight
  • Provide vendor routing instruction and communication
  • Ability to bill for freight at time of shipment
Sales Department
  • Reduced costs on freight can improve competitive position
  • Simplify price quotes to your customer through accurate freight pricing
  • Complete communication of transit times and carrier routing instructions
  • Improved customer service