About SLS

Customized Solutions, Intuitive Technology, Client Focused

SLS was founded in December of 2011 with one mission in mind: to equip small businesses with every logistical advantage from which big businesses benefit. We love our industry, and we are passionate about our simplified approach to the supply chain market! Our passion is fueled by the belief that the only way for the American economy to thrive is through the success of small businesses. We offer the most efficient manner of shipping in the industry. We are defined by our intuitive, next-generation technology, our strong carrier relationships and the competitive pricing they give us, and excellent customer service from our SLS team members.

Time is money. The less time you spend on shipping, the more time you can focus on the growth of your business! We work with the best carriers in the industry, and we are able to give our customers access to all of those carriers. In return, the process is simplified, which allows our customers to deal with one company, one contact, and have one bill. We provide the best the industry has to offer under one roof, and we supply it in the most simple and efficient manner available on the market.

We would love to get to know you and your business to show you how simple shipping can be!